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Don't Let It Croak: Clinical Approach to Amphibian Emergencies
31st Jan 2021 - 3pm EST

Date uploaded: 12/01/2021


FREE, live, interactive LafeberVet webinar

Presenter: Douglas P. Whiteside, DVM, DVSc, DACZM,
DECZM (Zoo Health Management)


Amphibians increasingly are being kept as pets, in addition to frequently finding them in zoological and research collections. However routine wellness exams are rarely provided to most pet amphibians. Most animals only present to the veterinary clinic as an emergency case when they are ill. The acute onset of a clinical condition requiring emergency care in amphibians is often the result of trauma, infection, metabolic deficiency, toxicity, or a sudden inappropriate environmental change. If multiple animals are affected, each individual must be triaged based on the severity of their clinical signs and risk of deterioration.


It is important for clinicians to understand how an amphibian’s unique anatomy and physiology will factor into the clinical approach to emergencies. The expedient collection of a history and husbandry parameters, a systematic physical examination with appropriate selection and execution of diagnostics, and the immediate administration of emergency care will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.


This live webinar event will also involve diagnostic testing, such as blood collection and radiography as well as cytology, fluid analysis, culture. Dr. Whiteside will also review clinical signs of pain as well as options for analgesia in debilitated amphibians. Key points of urgent care, such as fluid therapy and critical care nutrition, will also be reviewed and options for euthanasia will be explored.

Surviving Exotics in Practice!
18th Jan to 28th Feb 2021

Date uploaded: 06/01/2021


Are you perplexed by parrots, troubled by tortoises or stumped by snakes? Would you like to feel more confident when an unusual species appears on your consult list?


Birds and reptiles have become popular pets in the UK. They are frequently presented for veterinary care, often as emergencies. This 6 week online course aims to help clinicians build confidence in their approach to the exotics case and to develop sound diagnostic and treatment plans based on the most up-to-date evidence. The course is suitable for both experienced and new graduate vets.


Follow this link to find out more.

Webinar Plus: Backyard poultry problems and solutions 4th to 31st May 2021

Date uploaded: 2/10/2020


With a recent upsurge in keeping backyard poultry this course has been designed to help equip you with the skills needed when they arrive at your practice. Join Victoria Roberts, BVSc MRVCS Backyard Poultry Vet on this 4 week online course which includes a 2 hour webinar each week plus an online discussion forum. Key areas include:

  • Understanding reasons for and resolving welfare pitfalls
  • Welfare, husbandry and health
  • Normal attributes and relevant anatomy of poultry species
  • Diagnostics
  • Common diseases, treatment, prophylaxis and vaccines
  • Relevant medicines legislation including notifiable diseases
  • Emergency and critical care, euthanasia
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Surgery.

https://cpd.rvc.ac.uk/cpd-courses/webinar-plus-backyard-poultry-problems-and-solutions and Facebook post. https://bit.ly/2WJTr9T

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