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Surviving Exotics in Practice!

Date uploaded: 07/10/2020

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Webinar Plus: Backyard poultry problems and solutions Monday 4th to Sunday 31st May 2021

Date uploaded: 2/10/2020


With a recent upsurge in keeping backyard poultry this course has been designed to help equip you with the skills needed when they arrive at your practice. Join Victoria Roberts, BVSc MRVCS Backyard Poultry Vet on this 4 week online course which includes a 2 hour webinar each week plus an online discussion forum. Key areas include:

  • Understanding reasons for and resolving welfare pitfalls
  • Welfare, husbandry and health
  • Normal attributes and relevant anatomy of poultry species
  • Diagnostics
  • Common diseases, treatment, prophylaxis and vaccines
  • Relevant medicines legislation including notifiable diseases
  • Emergency and critical care, euthanasia
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Surgery.

https://cpd.rvc.ac.uk/cpd-courses/webinar-plus-backyard-poultry-problems-and-solutions and Facebook post. https://bit.ly/2WJTr9T

Avian, Reptile, Small mammal and Fish Diagnostic endoscopy and endosurgery course

Date uploaded: 02/10/2020



The internationally acclaimed endoscopy training program from the University of Georgia has been specifically designed to teach the practical applications of endoscopy and endosurgery in reptiles, birds, exotic mammals, and fish. Whether you are a private practitioner, intern, resident, zoological specialist, or academician. This course will train you to perform minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures including internal examination, biopsy, and basic endosurgery. This 14-hr on-line video-based course covers everything from equipment, fee structures and practice management, to anesthesia and endoscopy procedures in birds, reptiles, exotic mammals, and fish.


 The course runs from Nov 2 to Dec 6 2020. Reduced pricing for residents.

 Further details and registration available at


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