Clinical Guidelines

This page contains BVZS member-only clinical guidelines

Guidelines for Acceptable Methods of Euthanasia for Zoo, Exotic Pet and Wildlife Species

Euthanasia Guidelines for Reptiles

Guidelines for acceptable and ethical euthanasia in reptile species

Euthanasia Guidelines for Ornamental Fish

Guidelines for acceptable and ethical euthanasia in ornamental fish species

Guidelines for Clincal Procedures in Exotic Species

Microchipping Guidelines

Guidelines for the placement of microchip implants in multiple species.

Guidelines for Drug Adminstration in different Exotic Species

BVZS Guidelines for the prescription, supply and control of POMs in zoological collections and wildlife centres

Guidelines and recommendations to managing POMs on site in zoological and wildlife collections.

Guidelines for Egg Producing Chickens

Guidelines on the use of POM drugs and the associated withdrawl periods in chickens.

Disease Factsheets and Guidelines

BVZS Factsheet on Psittacosis/Ornithosis

Factsheet on Psittacosis/ornithosis

Salmonella in pet reptiles

Factsheet on Salmonella in reptiles

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