BVZS Membership Benefits

Access to member only resources through the website

  • Guidelines
  • Care-sheets
  • Promotional material
  • Previous proceedings from all previous meetings
  • Discounted rate for attendance to the BVZS meeting held once yearly
  • Members only forum and listserv which will allow members to ask questions within a moderated communal space.
  • Representation of the exotic and zoological veterinary community within the government and industry

Professional Development and Support

Members will receive discounted access to the annual meeting as well as online access to member only resources.

Members will have the ability to advertise their membership though the website.

Networking and Peer to Peer Support

Members will be given access to the BVZS listserv and members only facebook group.

This allows for case discussion and for

Commitment to Exotic Animal Health

The BVZS represents the Zoological and Exotic Veterinary Communities


Show Your Commitment

BVZS membership communicates your commitment to avian health, welfare and conservation to both colleagues and clients.

Find an Exotic Vet
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