ListServ FAQ

Please read the FAQ below. If you still have a query or question not answered below contact the webmaster

What is a listserv?

A listserv is a mailing group that allows emails to be ‘reflected’ off a email address to a mailing list. Only members of the list are able to send or receive emails from the ‘reflector’ email. Listserv are commonly used by academics to disseminate information and precipitate discussion. The listserv technology preceded forums which are often used for discussion by other organisations which itself preceded the social media that many of us use today.

How do i sent a message to the listserv when i am signed up?

Please send an email to

What size image can I send over the listserv?

We have a limitation of 2MB for attachments. Any more than this and images will not be included. This is to ensure that the bandwidth of the website isn’t strained too much. Please don’t send excessive images are it will put a lot of strain on our servers.

How long will it take for my message to be sent to everyone on the mail list?

A message will take 3-5 mins to be sent to the list serv.

I am not receiving messages. What has happened?

Please ensure that your receiving email is the same as your outgoing email. This can be an issue if you are using an alumni email address from university or have a university address. If this is the case then ensure you register with the address that is your incoming address.

Please check your junk box especially for the first email address. Ensure that you are sending your email to the listserv email address. Otherwise contact the webmaster or one of the website team. Please remember that the website is run by volunteers so though we will always endeavour to respond within 24 hours, sometimes it will take longer than this.

How public is the listserv?

The listserv is only available to BVZS members so this should act as a closed group, but messages are sent to email addresses and thus emails sent to the list could be forwarded to another person. It’s generally good practice to think before sending an email and to ensure that you are not saying anything that you wouldn’t say in a public setting.

Can I promote my CPD, Service, Business or position on the listserv?

Promotional messages that are not sent by the webmaster or an approved account (such as the council member (sponsors officer) ) are not permitted. If you want to promote something then please contact the webmaster or the appropriate person. If it is appropriate to do so then we will send the message for you. The listserv is not intended for promotion but rather for case discussion and for dissemination of information. Spam will not be tolerated.

Can I delete or take back messages sent to the listserv?

As the email is sent to everyone on the list, emails cannot be deleted or taken back. Please think before emailing.

What sort of moderation is being used for messages on the listserv?

Messages are not moderated or pre-approved before being sent to the list. We trust you as members to think before posting. Any email accounts that exhibit inappropriate behaviour can be suspended or even banned from posting to the list.

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