Virtual Conference Recordings 2021

Day One - Saturday

Saturday - Wildlife Stream (1) - Session One

Session 1Chair Michelle O’BrienPresentation Page
James ChattertonPlenary 1: Kākāpo Conservation Medicine in Aotearoa (New Zealand): coordinating the veterinary care for the critically endangered kākāpo (Strigops habroptilus).
Jane HopperWild tiger health centre- a global resource for tiger conservation

Sophie Lund Rasmussen

An exploratory investigation of glucocorticoids, personality and survival rates in wild and rehabilitated hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) in Denmark.

Saturday - Wildlife Stream (1) - Session Two

Session 2Chair Stuart PattersonPresentation Page
Alastair Ward

British Deer Veterinary Association

Plenary 2: Abundance and distribution surveys of British wild deer and why they are important for vets

Sam Pearce

British Deer Veterinary Association

A cross sectional study on enteric disease agents in UK deer

Andrew RouthThe Perverse Darwin Awards – human stupidity driving other species to extinction
Martin WhiteheadFipronil and imidacloprid in the UK waterways – The role of dog and cat ectoparasites

Saturday - Exotics Stream (2) - Session Three

Session 3Chair Romain PizziPresentation Page
Sue ThorntonPlenary 3: Fish clinical cases- practical tips for the approach to a sick fish
Kerstin ErlesSquamous cell carcinoma in bearded dragons and chameleons
Sergio SilvettiNasal adenocarcinoma: diagnosis and treatment in a pet rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculi)

Saturday - Exotics Stream (2) - Session Four

Session 4Chair Sarah PellettPresentation Page
Francesco Origgi

Plenary 4: More than 20 years investigating Tortoise herpesviruses (Testudinid alpha herpesviruses)

All that we do not know. 

Emily GoverCold condensation root canal therapy to retain fractured canines of a ferret
Hohin FungRabbit welfare and dietary enrichment – does scatter feeding encourage foraging behaviour compared to bowl feeding?
Martin WhiteheadEuthanasia of birds and reptiles by oral gavage of pentobarbitone
Lesley Larkin‘…It was all started by a mouse…An outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis associated with reptile feeder mice in the UK
Sergio SilvettiRetrograde pharyngeal endoscopy in a rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculi)

Saturday - Joint Stream - Sessions 5 and 6

Session 5Chair Peter KettlewellPresentation Page

Careers Roundtable:

Steve Smith, Stuart Patterson, Fieke Molenaar and Ashley Clayton


Afternoon Break – 15:15

Session 6Chair Romain PizziPresentation Page
Liz Mullineaux

How do we improve the veterinary care of British wildlife?

The Born Free Foundation Workshop outcomes.

Day Two - Sunday

Welcome by the Junior Vice President – 9:00

Sunday - Zoo Stream (1) - Zoo - Session 9

Session 9Chair Sarah-Jayne SmithPresentation Page
Chris GilmourPlenary 5:  Crisis and reputation management (LIVE)
Phillipa DobbsEstimating GI transit time in bush dogs using BIPS
Marta PereiraMorbidity and mortality identified at post-mortem examination of langurs (Trachypithecus spp) from six UK zoos

Sunday - Zoo Stream (1) - Zoo - Session 10

Session 10Chair Nathalie Wissink-ArgilagaPresentation Page
Fieke MolenaarPlenary 6: Challenges of diagnosing TB in zoo species
Kit Heawood

British Deer Veterinary Association

Plenary 7:  Challenges and developments in testing enclosed deer herds for TB

Phillipa DobbsReview of avian anaesthesia deaths in a UK zoo collection over a 5year period
Richard SaundersSpinal lesions in African Penguins at a UK Zoological collection

Sunday - Nursing/Student Stream (2) - Zoo - Session 11

Session 11 Chair Lindsay ThomasPresentation Page
Sonya MilesReproductive Disease in Chelonia
Brian StockdaleAvian Nutrition
Emma OnyejekweImproving the veterinary nursing care of British wildlife

Sunday - Nursing/Student Stream (2) - Zoo - Session 12

Session 12 Chair Bev PantoPresentation Page
Charlotte BurnPlenary 8: What does ‘welfare’ really mean when applied to wild animals? An Animal Welfare Foundation funding viewpoint
David StokesVeterinary nursing of birds of prey
Lauren ValentineWelfare considerations for ex situ captive African Pangolins

Sunday - Joint Stream - Zoo - Session 13 and 14

Session 13Chair Stuart PattersonPresentation Page
Michelle O’BrienBVZS Policy: Development of the BVZS Position Statement on Flight restraint position statement on Avian Flight restraint
Helen RobertsPlenary 9: Emerging threats in wildlife and exotic animals: the role of government and a One Health approach.
Session 14Chair Liz MullineauxPresentation Page
BVZS Council. How do I get involved? Round table: Peter Kettlewell, Benjamin Kennedy, Sarah-Jayne Smith, Stuart Patterson (LIVE)

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