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Please fill in the below form to submit a request for your details to be including on the BVZS find an exotic vet feature.

Please also read the legal statement below the form with respect to GDPR and privacy.

Legal statement


One of the features that is incorporated into the website is the “find an exotic vet” page. This page will feature a map split into different geographical areas which will include practice contact details for BVZS members that are comfortable being included on such a map. This map will aim to provide members of the public as well as other veterinary surgeons with the location of local exotic vets. This feature is also produced in accordance with the privacy policy and the terms of service of the website use.


There is no obligation or expectation for members to utilise this feature if they would prefer to not be included. One will need to be a member of the BVZS in order to be included within this feature.


In accordance with GDPR, you confirm that we (“The BVZS”) have permission to store the information requested within this form and furthermore to advertise yourself as either an exotic vet or as a specialist if you are recognised as such by the RCVS on our website. This can be rescinded at any time by sending an email to the webmaster of the society and details will be removed from the website within 14 days. You may modify the information if needed by contacting the webmaster. The information will be confirmed every year when renewing membership to the BVZS.

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